Some of this is very funny. Not quite sure what to make of the Chris Rock video. I’ve never really like his humour and can’t quite decide if I think it’s funny (I did laugh) or somewhat inappropriate. A combination of the two really, which was the point of the post I guess.

The Custody Record

Humour noun

The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

Seems fairly straightforward doesn’t it? Yet there are sub-sets within. Humour can be rude or childish, sexist, racist, light hearted and sometimes very dark. Yet it’s still not that simple because humour and how it is categorised depends on the prevailing circumstances, the group it is presented to and finally the ear that hears it.

I love this by Chris Rock – contains some profanity and violence

Having watched this you may be laughing like me. Conversely, you may be angry about the language, the use of police violence and the message being passed.

The police work in an environment where they have to deal with some pretty awful incidents. As a result there is occasionally some humour that people outside of the service would find distasteful. It’s a coping strategy that was echoed…

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