The Green Benches

This blog seems to be getting quick a lot of traffic today. Most of this seems to be because of my post about Eoin Clarke and the Green Benches. I can’t see any real reason why there is a sudden surge in interest in this today, but if anyone would like to comment on why this might be, I would be quite keen to know.

Thanks to the comments below, I now know that it is because Polly Toynbee has suggested people go to one of the protests listed on The Green Benches website. For some reason the link in her article wasn’t working (although that seems to now be fixed) and if you google Green Benches, you seem to end up here. The correct link is The Green Benches and I too encourage you to attend one of these protests.


4 thoughts on “The Green Benches

  1. Because the Guardian newspaper is telling people to go to the green benchers website to find the nearest protest planned against the bedroom tax! but I can’t find a website that mentions that anywhere…regards, Caroline Mast – St. Austell

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