Happy New Year

This will be my last post of 2012. It’s been an interesting year. I’ve written more posts than I expected to, and my readership has climbed a little (although is still not particularly high). A couple of the posts that have been popular (at least in terms of readership) have been REF2014: Good or bad? and More REF madness. This has been a bit of a theme for me this year. I’m quite concerned about the impact REF is having on UK universities and am rather disillusioned at the moment. I’m hoping the new year will reduce my cynicism and that I can start enjoying my career again.

Nothing else has had a particularly high readership. I’ve written more about income inequality and a post I wrote in 2009 about the The Gini coefficient continues to attract readers. I’ve also commented on the possible effective privatisation of the NHS and am certainly very concerned about the direction in which the coalition government appears to be taking the country. It still amazes me that the financial crisis – that started in 2008 – seemed to be a strong indicator that neo-liberal policies have real problems and yet the government appears to be continuing with these kind of ideas. I’m certainly not proposing that we should implement full socialism, but hoping that the free market will save us seems incredibly short-sighted. Some may well benefit, but most will almost certainly not. We live in a social democracy and pretending that the private sector can solve all problems, and that welfare benefits are largely given to those who are “scroungers”, is incredibly naive and simplistic.

Anyway, that’s all I was going to say. I hope everyone has a good new year and that 2013 is better for most than I suspect 2012 has been.


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