Is Bill O’Reilly really this sexist and racist?

An amazing video of Bill O’Reilly on Fox last night that seem to suggest that he is both racist and sexist. This may not be a surprise to some, but I used to see Bill O’Reilly on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and, although I almost always disagreed with everything he said, I always thought he was reasonably decent, just misguided. His claim is that if Obama wins (which he now has) it is because “The White Establishment is now the minority” and that it is “not a traditional America anymore”. He then goes on to say that Obama will get lots of votes from Hispanics, Black people and women and that the reason they are voting for Obama is because they “want stuff” and that Obama will give things to them. Basically he is saying that Black people, Hispanics, and women do not have traditional American values (which clearly he regards as good, and hence regards their values as bad) and that they are inherently lazy and just want to live off the state. I find it amazing that any serious political commentator could even say such things. Not only are they demonstrably untrue, I can’t see any way to interpret this that doesn’t indicate that O’Reilly is both sexist and racist.


3 thoughts on “Is Bill O’Reilly really this sexist and racist?

    • Yes, I’m really taken aback that any serious commentator could say such things without realising that they would be interpreted as racist and sexist. Part of me thinks that maybe it was just a poor comment made in the heat of the moment at a time when he was just extremely disappointed about Romney losing the election. What I suspect, however, is that – in the heat of the moment – he has let slip what he really believes.

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