London Metropolitan University part 2

So London Metropolitan University has lost its Highly Trusted Status. This means that it can no longer recruit or teach students from outside the EU. What I find amazing is that it appears to mean that the ~ 3000 students from outside the EU who are current students will either have to leave the country or find another university. I find this incredible. They are probably paying £15000 per year in tuition and another £10000 per year in living expenses. They could be 2 years into a degree, having paid a total of £50000, and now have to leave the country without a degree. There’s no indication that these students have done anything wrong. There’s no indication that the university is incapable of teaching and assessing these students. It’s simply that this university can no longer be trusted to recruit these students in a manner that is acceptable to the UK Border Agency. I can see no reason why these students shouldn’t be at least allowed to complete their degrees. To have paid £50000 and, through no fault of their own, have to leave without a degree, when they could easily do so, seems like a really unfortunate way to implement this policy.


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