Android phone

Until my mid-thirties I had the kind of job that didn’t really have any deadlines and I didn’t really have any meetings to attend, so I didn’t bother keeping any kind of diary. I have since, however, started doing more teaching and now am at a level that requires me to attend various meetings and events. I have now got a palm pilot that I sync with Microsoft Outlook and try to regularly update my schedule and keep a list of important tasks.

I often, however, forget to look at my palm pilot and because I also carry a mobile phone, hardly ever also carry it with me. I have, therefore, been considering trying to get some kind of mobile phone that has an email and calender function that can be synced with something online that I can access via my laptop. I had considered an iPhone but was also quite impressed with the new Android phone by Google. Unfortunately, my mobile contract doesn’t run out for another 6 months or so and since I would need to change providers, I can’t bring myself to pay up my existing contract just to get another phone now. My wife’s contract, on the other hand, has just finished. She is also with Vodafone who are offering a very impressive deal on the Google phone called HTC Magic. She has just received her new Magic phone and I must say it seems quite impressive.

What is quite something for someone who started university before the internet existed in the form we know today, is the ability to now carry a phone that is constantly online. Somewhat depressing maybe, but impressive nonetheless. I have also been downloading some of the free applications. I had to get the Star Wars light sabre which my wife scoffed at until she started playing with it. I also downloaded the mandatory news and weather feeds. A particularly impressive application is the Google Sky Map. Since the phone knows where you are and in what direction you are facing, it will display – on the screen – the star field you are looking at. It also has the ability to search for objects in the night sky, by indicating the direction to move your phone in until you are looking at the object you are trying to find.

I now have to decide if I should to wait 6 months before I can get one of my own, or if I should just pay up my contract and get it over with. I suspect that I will probably wait a little while and then give in. I also suspect that although my explicit reason for getting something like this is so that I can have a single device for all my needs, in truth it probably because I just want something fun that I can play with. I was going to say that I would never admit that to me wife, but she seems to enjoy playing with the phone as much as I do, so I may get away with it.


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