First post

Well, I’ve been debating with myself for some time about starting a blog.  I don’t really have a good reason for doing so.  One reason is probably because I have been reading blogs for a while now and am interested to know if it is something I can do, and keep doing.  It is quite possible that I may get bored with this and give up straight away.  Another is probably because I have a habit of pontificating – to myself and to others – about various things that I happen to feel strongly about at that particular time. The idea of trying to articulate some of the these thoughts is somewhat appealing, if only to see if they make any sense in writing.

A little about myself.  I’m married, have 2 children, a cat and am an academic at a British university.  I’ve decided to keep this blog anonymous and have decided at this stage not to even say what field I work in – although this may become obvious if this blog continues.  I have no strong reasons for remaining anonymous.  I don’t have any expectation that what I will say will be particularly controversial and am not really interested in saying things that will annoy or antagonize others.  One  reason is probably because I expect that I will say things that in retrospect will seem rather stupid and so would rather people didn’t know who I was.  Another – if I was being honest – is probably because I will find it easier to say what I want to, being anonymous, than I would if I wasn’t.

Finally, the name of the blog.  It’s partly because it indicates my political leanings but is largely because all the other titles/usernames I could think of had already been taken.  What I am finding interesting is that as I get older – and I would to think as I get to understand the world slightly better – I am moving further from the centre, and to the left,  than I was expecting.  The title may have been better as “Far to the left of centre,” but that didn’t seem to roll off the tongue quite as well as the one I have chosen.

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